How Smart4Diagnostics uses technology to improve diagnostics?

70% of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase. Learn how a German startup from Munich plans to revolutionize the blood collection process with smart technology and how Revolve has helped to achieve this.


S4DX wanted to digitalize the human blood samples workflow from the point of collection until lab arrival, ​

It took 3 months for Revolve to design and build a mobile application 100% remotely,

The technology is tested right now by hospitals in Munich.

Digitalizing diagnostics

Medical labs are fully automized and digitized. However, 70% of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase. S4DX from Germany has focused on digitalizing the pre-analytic stage from the process of collecting until analytics. The system composes of a sample check-in device, a smart tube, a data analytics platform, and a mobile application.




Smart4Diagnostics is a technology startup from Germany supported by the EIT-Health, the UnternehmerTUM and the European Union. Their product is a smart system that helps to manage all processes from blood collection until lab analysis increasing patient safety, the quality of medical decisions and lab testing efficiency. 

A solution that improves both patient’s comfort and the quality of blood diagnostics

70% of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase.  As a result, still too many medical doctors receive inappropriate lab results every day, leading to a high number of inappropriate medical treatments for patients. S4DX decided to improve this and use technology to make sure patients receive safe medical results.

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of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase


One of the areas S4DX decided to digitalize was blood samples registration at the point of collection. They needed technology that would help to register the blood sample once the blood has been collected and then send the information to the lab right away. They lack additional software engineering expertise to build the technology themselves.


The solution is a mobile application for Android platforms to be used by medical workers after they collect the blood sample from the patient. They would scan the barcode on the blood sample and send the information to the S4DX data analytics platform. The mobile app was designed and built by Revolve over a 3 months period and 100% remotely.

Remote app development - how to do it right?

We have applied agile methodology and use a mix of Scrum and Kanban (Scrumban) to manage the project. We had daily internal meetings that lasted for 15 minutes and live online demos of the finished milestones usually every week for the S4DX Team. 

The whole process has been divided into four stages:


It was a time when we gathered information about the project, understood the challenge to be solved, and proposed a clickable prototype of the final solution that went together with an estimation.


The planning and demo meetings were scheduled for Wednesdays. During the demo meetings, Revolve Team was showing a summary report for finished milestones then presenting the latest functionalities. The summary report included information like functionalities progress, budget left, list of planned&done tasks. On the planning meeting, both teams were prioritizing, choosing and discussing functionalities for the next milestone.


The whole development process has been made from our office in Poland and was supervised remotely by S4DX Team. Thanks to our experience in remote collaboration the whole process could be done without one f2f meeting. Weekly meetings were enough to keep control over the whole project.


The last stage after finalizing the development and delivering a working app was a retro meeting during which we have summed up the work, and exchanged feedback on what was good in the project and what can be improved in the future.


All the meetings and communication was done online using emails and Microsoft Teams. Regular and open communication was one of the key factors the project ended up successfully.

As a result, we have helped to design and developed a mobile technology that will improve in a real-time:

Patients’ comfort - controlled by evidence, not by trust,

Phlebotomists piece of mind by making sure the blood collection has been properly conducted,

Labs knowledge about the upcoming samples before they arrive in the lab,

Hospitals’ process of blood samples collection and management.

Why do we care?

Revolve’s has been dedicated to building applications that matter from the very start of our company. At the beginning of 2019, we have reached out to the healthcare community to better understand the challenges healthcare companies face. The results of this have been a better understanding of the healthcare environment and the creation of REVOLVE HEALTHCARE brand in 2020. RH has been created to help healthcare companies built better software. Our mission is to build applications that protect and save lives.

Our client opinion matters a lot

Our collaboration with Revolve was super smooth and fast at the same time. Our idea was to collaborate with an external partner to develop an application as fast as possible with extreme high precision. Revolve delivered both. This is how healthcare software development collaborations should work.
Hans Maria Heyn
Co-Founder and CEO

How can we help diagnostics companies?

Our usual role starts when the idea is born and we can help to shape it into a digital framework. Before we start coding we will run user tests with patients to make sure the idea is proven, however, this is not a prerequisite. We provide dedicated software engineering teams to help diagnostics companies build secure web platforms and mobile applications. Thanks to our experience and the proven process we do that 100% remotely. 

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